We take great pride in our work and am in business to provide you with excellence in taste and in art.

While I have tried to provide as much information as possible here I know that ordering a custom cake is a very personal process. Please let me know how I can be of assistance and I look forward to the opportunity of creating something special for your event.

We typically book up 8-12 months in advance, so the sooner the better to reserve your place on our calendar.  We are booking now for the 2021-2022 wedding season.

Wedding bookings are accepted on a first-come-first-paid basis.  We book one wedding per weekend.  Until the non-refundable, 50% retainer is received, dates remain open on our calendar for other clients.

We attempt to accommodate last-minute requests if our schedule allows.  Please call or email to find out our availability for your particular date.

We require a 50 percent retainer to reserve your wedding date on our calendar.  We will base your retainer on the total estimated amount at the time you place your order.  We ask that you be absolutely certain you would like to work with us, as all retainers are date specific and non-refundable.

Retainers and deposits are NOT refundable.  Please be sure you want to work with us before placing your order.

We work on one wedding per weekend.  We turn away other clients to hold your specific wedding date on our calendar.  For this reason, we don’t offer a refund on deposits or retainer fees.  If your wedding is cancelled we will gladly apply your deposit/retainer to a single future event such as a birthday celebration, anniversary, graduation, etc.

You may reserve your date with a $1000 retainer.  Final arrangements need to be made at least 6 weeks prior to your event.  Again, we ask that you be absolutely certain you would like to work with us, as all retainers and deposits are date specific and non-refundable.

Industry standard serving sizes used by professional cake caterers and reception venues specify slice dimensions as 1″ wide x 2″ deep and 4″ tall.  My wedding cakes are taller than industry standards—usually between 5- 5.5″ in height per tier.

Party cake servings are much larger so plan on bigger cakes for non-wedding events. Our cakes are taller than industry sized standards, usually between 4- 5.5″ in height per tier.

It is better to overestimate and have leftover cake than to underestimate and have a generous cake cutter run out too soon.

Popular cake sizes serve the following group sizes based on the standard guidelines listed above.  We are happy to help you determine the right size for your group based on our years of experience.

Please inform us at the time of your order if food allergies need to be considered.  We do offer gluten-free and cakes at this time.  All of our items are baked from scratch with a deep understanding of the chemistry involved in baking. Because of this our gluten free options are as delicious as all of our offerings.

*NOTE: We are NOT a dedicated gluten-free facility.  While we take every possible precaution, if the gluten allergy is severe (celiac disease or a strong sensitivity to gluten) we strongly recommend working with a 100% dedicated gluten–free baking facility.  Please contact us for recommendations.

A significant percentage of people are allergic to synthetic food dyes, for this reason we are happy to accommodate this dietary issue. All-natural dyes are readily available from several specialty businesses. We use all-natural products from the following companies: Suncore Foods, Color Kitchen, Chefmaster and Amoretti.

Note: all-natural dyes are less pigmented than synthetic dyes. For this reason, dark and vibrant colors may not always be possible when using all-natural dye products.

**Please let us know if food dye allergies are a concern for you or your guests.**

I currently do not make sugar-free cakes.  Gluten-free cake options are available as are allergen-free food dyes.

We do not recommend using fresh flowers on cakes because of pesticides.  If you still want fresh flowers on your cake, please inquire about purely organic floral options or arrange this directly with your florist.  We will be happy to deliver the cake safely to your venue and let your florist place the flowers on your cake after arrival.

Wedding cake prices are per serving and are determined by the complexity of the design which includes: handmade gum paste flowers, detailed piping, hand painted techniques, sculptures, isomalt elements, and more. All items on our cakes are hand made and our cakes are always made from scratch. Wedding cake prices begin at $850. Our cake prices are determined by the complexity of the design as well as the number of servings per cake design.  Please inquire for more information.

We offer a FREE 6″ x 4″ round one year anniversary cake to all of our wedding clients. This cake is covered with Italian Meringue Buttercream and the flavor is determined during your consult.

Why do we provide free anniversary cakes for our clients? 1) We want you to be able to serve the entire stacked cake during your wedding and 2) your anniversary cake remains beautiful and protected because it is boxed by us.



  1. Place the entire cake box in the freezer for 1 hour.
  2. Remove the cake from the box and wrap it with plastic wrap first then wrap the cake with heavy-duty aluminum foil.
  3. Place your double-wrapped anniversary cake in the freezer.

Your anniversary cake is well protected for 1 year if you follow these steps.

To defrost your anniversary cake remove it from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator 2 days before your anniversary. Your cake will defrost in the refrigerator over this time. Allow the unwrapped cake to come to room temperature before serving.

Anniversary cakes are boxed and labeled for our clients and are delivered along with your wedding cake order.

Please complete our on-line questionnaire about your event. Once we have your information I will send you a quote regarding your cake design. At this point we can schedule a cake tasting in my private studio. Cake tastings are for two people and last about 1 hour.

Our tastings are $25.00 per flavor choice;  each flavor serves up to four people. We recommend that you try at least four cake flavors before deciding on flavors for your wedding.

I always recommend opting for 1 flavor that is fruit based and another flavor that includes chocolate.

I have listed our most popular cake flavors on the menu page, however, please let me know if you have another cake flavor in mind. I’m happy to create a flavor composition for you and enjoy working with ingredients that are in season.

Our buttercream icing is always Italian Meringue Buttercream. Wedding and specialty cakes may be finished with either Italian Meringue Buttercream or sugar paste/fondant. Our fondant choice is Carma Massa Ticino. 

I have worked with all of the professional fondant products in the industry and this product is by far superior in flavor and performance.


Video conference consultations are available for $50 per hour. Please contact us to set up a video conference.  We can arrange your entire wedding order during this session.  Mondays are generally preferred for conference calls.

Based on our experience, we usually recommend no more than two flavors primarily for ease of serving.  There is no additional charge for a second flavor.  

Yes.  We actually prefer to deliver our cakes because we know how to get them safely to your venue.  Stacked cakes are delivered with minimum time needed to add flowers or additional design elements once we reach the venue.

Our large cakes are delivered in a Cake Safe. Cake Safes are designed to keep large stacked cakes flawless, clean, and safe during delivery. Visit the Cake Safe website to learn more.

We are willing to travel anywhere our cakes can be safely delivered, so please contact us to inquire about a specific location.  Delivery and set up fees are additional, calculated at an hourly rate of $95 round-trip.  Please inquire about estimates for deliveries outside the Atlanta metro perimeter.

We LOVE our cakes and are passionate about how they are handled.  Let us deliver your cake so it arrives safely.

No, we do not ship our cakes at this time.

While we always recommend delivery for efficiency and peace-of-mind, we do allow cake pick ups in very limited situations.

Pick-up times for cakes two tiers or smaller can be scheduled at the time an order is placed.  We DO NOT offer cakes that are larger than 2 tiers for customer pick up. Larger cakes require special handling and delivery methods .Please transport your boxed cake in a vehicle with a flat platform, such as an SUV. Please make sure that other items in your vehicle will not damage the cake during transport. Once a cake has been picked up by you, or a designated party, it is considered “accepted”.  We take great measure to protect cakes, cookies and macarons with our packaging. However, once products leave our location they are the responsibility of the customer. We are not available to come to your location and repair smaller cakes that have been damaged during transport.

Custom cakes are works of art and they are delicate. Please arrange for your creations to be delivered so they arrive safely to your event. We love our creations and we want them to remain intact for your event.

We do have brochures available for venues. Please refer to our website gallery, Facebook page, Instagram account, and Pinterest Boards  for more information on our cakes and events. Each cake is custom designed so my website serves mainly as a portfolio for you to see previous work.

Please follow us on your favorite social account.  We love our community and welcome your comments and shares.

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